Archive of Imagined Conversations presents: Queen of the Night

Premises: Some ungodly hour of the night, the bedroom.

Characters: Lemon the cat (aka. Her Majesty the Queen, in royal italics), and myself the pathetic sleeping human.

The Queen on her throne

– Human?

– …

– Humaaan…

– Mmmh.


– *groan* Whaddyawant?

– We wants attention.

– Holy shit, Lemon. It’s like two in the morning. Which is definitely not morning.

– Fine, then. We wants under the covers.

– Fine. Whatever. Come on in.

– We wants to lie on your chest.

– Have it your way.

– Human?

– Gah. Now what?

– We wants to stick Our whiskers up your nose.


– Purr purr purr purr…


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